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Hello Everyone, 


I am very excited to announce the creation of the FRG Family Fund, a fund we have set up to provide assistance to our own Flynn Restaurant Group associates in times of need.


The FRG Family Fund is a non-profit entity to which all Apple American and Bell American employees can contribute money in whatever amounts they elect.  The money in this fund will be used to help out our own employees in times of need – in times of personal and financial hardship - and disbursement of funds will be decided by a panel of our own associates.


We are asking that you consider donating whatever amount you feel comfortable to the FRG Family Fund. You can do this through an automatic deduction out of your paycheck each week. Our goal is to quickly bring the fund up to $100,000, and to kick it off I am personally donating $25,000. In fact the entire leadership has all committed to donating, and to fill any shortfall until we reach our $100,000 goal the company is going to match each dollar you donate!  The FRG Family Fund will make difficult personal and familial situations for our employees that much easier – together we can do this! 


It’s very easy to start donating – but before you do, please either click the link below or view the poster hanging up in your restaurant to learn more about the Fund.  I am so excited and optimistic about starting this and I look forward to “helping our own”. 




More information about how to enroll and how to apply for monies in the fund will follow shortly… thank you and let’s meet our goal of $100,000!




Greg Flynn

Chairman & CEO


Human Resources